Sunday, June 21, 2015

A few days ago we attended our first Sunday meetings at church while in the Philippines.  We were able to understand most of what was said and really enjoyed it.  The talks were a mixture of English, Tagalog and Taglish. The Bishop taught the 3rd hour because it was 5th Sunday.  First let me back up to Sacrament meeting.  Several children had left the side of their parents and we're playing in the back of the church.  They were somewhat noisy but not any more than at our home ward when the children are playing on their mom's lap.  The Bishop sent the young Deacon that was seated beside him to gather the children and take them back to their parents.  Now proceed to the topic for 5th Sunday.  This could and maybe should be done in all wards.

Reverence at Church

1          set example to your children and those around
2          teaching reverence starts at home
3          take time in the home to teach the children why we attend church
4          feed your family a good breakfast (at home, not when you are at church)
5          teach your children that we do not eat during church
6          remind our children that church lasts 3 hours
7          before leaving for church pray for help at being reverent
8          arrive early at all meetings so you can be ready, sit with your family, listen to prelude, do not let your children run around
9          go to the CR (comfort room) before or after meetings, not during
10       turn off cell phones, turn off you mouth
11       help others to maintain reverence by helping with their children
12       show respect for the lord and other people, stay in class, pay attention
13       show reverence and respect by helping maintain the chapel

I just thought you might like to know, the church is the same everywhere and TRUTH is TRUTH no matter where you are.

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