Monday, June 15, 2015

Sunday 14 June 2015 was the Philippines Area Conference.  We traveled about an hour to Bayambang which is west of where we live to be with the Stake in that area.  The Stake President had invited us to stay after the conference for a short meeting with their Self-Reliance Committee.

The Conference was scheduled for the Stake to open the conference with music and remarks from the Stake President.  When we arrived a little after 9 the chapel and the overflow was already full. The Stake President invited Sister Anderson and I to sit on the front row where he had two seats saved.  Everyone treats us much better than we deserve considering we are here to serve them not the other way around.

In the opening and closing of the meeting they had choirs from three of their wards comprised of their youth.  It is hard to explain the emotions we felt watching those faithful youth sing the songs they had prepared with such enthusiasm.  It was truly amazing!

Elder Brent H Nielson of the Seventy who has been assigned to the Philippines for some time spoke first and talked about the typhoon that hit the Philippines in November of 2013 and damaged or destroyed over a million homes and killed thousands.  He spoke of the resilience of the members who quickly got to work and rebuilt.  He talk about "I will be the one!" and how the members in the Philippines worked together and built over 3200 homes and learned new carpentry skills doing it.  He said "nothing is impossible to the members in the Philippines".  He talked about preparing for the Temple, preparing missionaries from the Philippines to serve, Tithing and Fast offerings and the importance of Family Home Evening.  He also talked about Sacrament meeting and keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.  He finished with the quote above, the Philippine people can accomplish anything.

We have been here less than three weeks and yet we have found all these things to be true. We love the Philippines and we love the people.  They are so kind and and loving.  When we look into their big brown eyes we truly see the Light of Christ shinning back at us.  We came here to serve these wonderful people but it will be hard to give them more than they are giving to us.

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  1. I am so glad to hear that you are loving it over there. Keep up the good work!