Monday, June 22, 2015

Today we decided to drive to all the buildings in the Rosales stake since we will be presenting a My Path Devotional in each of them over the next 5 Sundays.   In a My Path Devotional we teach some of the principals of Self-Reliance and help people choose a group to join to continue working on their personal self-reliance.  We have three groups, Starting and Growing My Business, My Job Search and Education for Better Work.  The program is awesome and has already helped so many people become self reliant having enough to meet their temporal needs while strengthening their spiritual lives.

We have a great time and stopped and talked to lots of people.  We found a furniture business that is out in the open, they have some shelter from rain but no sides, no doors or windows, totally open other than some roof to help keep things dry.  They have very few power tools.   They were laying out some mahogany for a table.  They had two matching slabs that were over 18 inches wide that they were going to join in one top.

They plane all the wood by hand.  They do not have a lumber mill to rough cut the logs, they use a 24 inch long chainsaw and cut the slabs by hand.

 I asked how he gets them so straight and he said practice.  The tallest tree here is a young mahogany tree.

They had a home made table saw.
 The top was made out of a flat plank of wood.  The rest of the machine was also wood.  When he turned on the motor he would reach down and grab the drive belt to get it started running.  It was awesome… it would be so cool to have wood like that to work with in my shop.

We stopped and watch rice being planted.  There were a bunch of very happy people wadding in the rice paddy planting starts of rice.  When we stopped they waved and talked to us and were so friendly.  

The starts of rice they plant are about 10 inches high and they plant a lot of them very fast.  We are just going into the rainy season so that apparently is when they grow the rice.  It looked like they had corn planted in the dry season and were now switching the fields from corn to rice.

We stopped at a business that mills rice.
 Rice when it is ready to harvest will be about 3 feet high and the rice is on the top, sounds like it is similar to wheat.  Also when they harvest it the rice has a hull around the rice so they have to get that off.  Before machines they would use a big mortar and pastel then put in a basket with a low side (1 inch or so) and toss it in the air and the wind would blow away the hull and the rice would fall back into the basket.  By the way this cannot be done until the rice is dry and to dry it they spread it out on the road and everyday they go out with wood on the end of a handle sort of like a snow shovel and push it around.  Now today they take the dried rice to a rice mill and they run it through a machine that separates the rice from the hull.  So we stopped at one and talked to the owner of the business and found all this stuff out and then asked him about employees and gave him our contact information and told him we could help him find good employees and told him about or church and values and why our members would be his best employees.   

Anyway we found all the buildings and took a lot of pictures and had a great day.  
 All the children here wear uniforms to school.  Their day starts early and ends late, i think they start at 7am and go to 4:30 or 5pm.  They go home for lunch so you always see them around lunch time walking or riding on a motorcycle or Trike to and from home.  The uniforms are different in every school and it is fun to see all the different ones.
 Another Old Carabao strolling and eating.  
 We stopped to take pictures of the flowers next to the street in front of this house and they lady came out and asked us to wait while she picked a bouquet, making sure she got some of all four colors and then gave them to Cathy and invited us back anytime for more.

 We finished our day with a little grocery shopping, and pizza at the mall.

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