Sunday, June 21, 2015

 Jeepney with Canoe on top
 Elder & Sister Anderson at the San Fernando Stake Center in Baguio Mission
 Sunset over South China Sea near San Fernando
 The are widening many of the roads but dont want to remove these beautiful trees so they just pour the cement around them and put a warning sign up.  Everyone drives in the left lane, the right lane is used for parking, driving the wrong way, standing and talking with your friends and occasionally for passing.  Most passing however is against traffic, everyone just moves out of the way and lets cars, trucks, busses and trikes do pretty much what they want.
 These kids are returning to school after lunch.  There were several more on the inside and on the seat of the motorcycle.  I dont remember the total but it is not unusual to see 8 people on one trike.
 This a member, he and his wife own this sewing business in the open market.  They are making uniforms here in this picture and while we were there someone stopped and had them do some repair work for them while they waited.  They have completed the Self-Reliance Group, Starting and Growing My Business and we went to record them talking about the improved success they have had since they went through the Self-Reliance Program.  This was really cool!
 This little girl went with her Dad in the Trike and they stopped at another business we were visiting.  She has such beautiful eyes!
 This is Sister Anderson checking out the garden of another self-reliant family!  Beautiful!  I love this woman, she is the best companion a missionary could ever have!

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