Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Rainy Season
Typhoon Falcon

When we arrived in the Philippines the end of May we were told that rainy season would begin the first of July.  I didn’t quite believe that they had an itinerary for weather but apparently they do.  We had some rain in June and I asked several times if this was the beginning of rainy season and was always told, “Not Yet”.  Then July came and so did the rain.  It has hardly stopped raining since the first of July. 

Today we had planned to drive to Alaminos today to present Facilitator and Leader training to the district.  Alaminos is the city next to Hundred Islands National Park and it is a beautiful place.  I have only see pictures but was looking forward to the drive and planned to leave a little early so we could take a picture or two.  Well the rains came with a vengeance today.  I received a text on my phone this morning telling me that all the schools in Dagupan were closed today, kind of like snow days in Ohio.  I didn’t share this fact with my wife because I didn’t want her to say, “if the schools are closed we should not be driving through there”.  As the time to leave approached the Bishop that works in the Self-Reliance Center with us told us that we should not go because there would be flooding the several areas that we would have to drive through.  Well, I could even ignore the Bishop but then Cathy said, call Gerry and tell him we are not coming.  Well that was the end of it.  I know better than to argue with my wife on something like this.  I told Gerry and said, “better safe than sorry”.

During this time everyone was looking up weather on the internet, something I have not bother to do in the Philippines.  I don’t watch the news, I don’t watch the weather, I just don’t worry about things I cannot control.  You might say I have become accustomed to using the Indian Weather Rock method for weather forecasting.  Well that was not good enough for anyone else in the office and pretty soon they were telling me about typhoon “Falcon” that was responsible for very heavy rain in our region.

So I spend my day in preparation for other training sessions that we need to present later in the week.

You might be interested to know that Filipino children love the rain.  When it starts raining really hard you can just step outside, (be sure to stay under the covered area or you will be soaked in 30 seconds) and just watch.  Within a few minutes the streets and if you are near the church, the church parking lot will begin to fill with children.  They will run and play and splash and if they can find a puddle that is deep enough they will lay down in it.  They will bring their basket balls to the church parking lot and start shooting and having the best time.  It is quite a sight to watch.  I tried to take some video of a cute little boy (probably 4 or 5 years old) today and when he would see me with the camera he would hide behind a car or something so I couldn’t get a good picture of him.  Here is a short video of the rain and children playing.

I am sure there will be more to come on rain and storms as we are only beginning the rainy season.

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