Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Cathy

Forty Eight Years ago I met the love of my life.  Two years later I left to serve a mission in England for two years.  Cathy waited for me and when I returned we were married in the Salt Lake Temple for Eternity. 
Thirteen months later we were so excited to welcome Rebecca into the world and especially to our family.  We were living in Colorado at the time where I was serving in the United States Air Force.  Our family grew quickly as Rachael joined us two years later, then another two years and we finally had a son, Allen.  Fourteen months later our family was complete with the birth of Jessica. 

Four months ago we had our farewell as we prepared to leave our every growing family which now includes Fourteen Grand Children.  This picture was taken that day and hangs in our apartment to remind us of why we are here.  Quoting one of my grandkids, “because we are a family that serves”.

These pictures are kind of random as is our life.  This was taken on a snowy Sunday afternoon when we were sent home from church early to dig ourselves and our neighbors out from an unusually heavy and deep snow storm.  We finished the work with the fun of building a very large snowman and painting him with food coloring.  We were so disappointed a couple days later when the city road crews decided we should not have a large snowman in the middle of circle so they pushed it down with their big snow plow.

Two years ago we took a trip to England to see the areas where I served as a missionary 43 years earlier.  It was so fun to visit old friends and show Cathy the places that I had learned to love.  This picture is in a forest of Blue Bells, one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited and being with forever friends made it even better.

Last August my Mother passed away at the age of 92.  These picture were taken last fall at her home and yard where she had lived since 1946.  There are so many memories here of childhood all the way to the present day.  It was a beautiful sweet experience to walk around with Cathy and our daughter Rachael as she took pictures of us and Mom and Dad’s place.

The best thing is that I get to spend every minute of every day with my best friend and sweetheart.  Serving a mission with my wife is such a sweet experience.  Today is her birthday and all I have for her is a card but I know there is nothing else she wants. 

Yesterday we went to the mall to buy groceries and a few things we needed for the office.  She sent me to the car with our packages because it is a hassle to take packages from one store to another.  On the way back I stepped into a bakery to see if they had a cake or something that she might like.  I did not find anything so started to leave.  Just then my phone rang so I looked at it as I proceeded out of the store.  Unfortunately, I was about three feet to the right of the door way and walked into the glass front of the store with quite a bang.  I looked like the pictures you see in the movie theaters advising you not to text and drive.  I felt silly, embarrassed and have a little bruise on my forehead.  I didn’t tell Cathy about it so hopefully she will get a good laugh when she reads this.  It is so rare for us to be apart for even a few minutes it is odd that something like this could happen since she is always there to mitigate my stupidity.

This final picture is of Cathy a few days ago teaching a My Path to Self-Reliance Devotional.  She is a wonderful teacher.  She has been a teacher as long as I have known her.  When she was in high school she would often teach sewing to younger children in her neighborhood.  When she was going to the University of Utah she worked in the costume department at Pioneer Memorial Theater and was often found teaching the teachers who had been there for many many years better ways to make costumes.  She did the same thing when she worked at the old Promised Valley Play House in Salt Lake City.  While I was on my mission to England and until we moved to Colorado she taught sewing at Singer in the old Cottonwood Mall.  She has always been a wonderful teacher in church teaching Primary, Sunday School, Relief Society and Gospel Doctrine.  She would spend many hours in preparation for her lessons.  Besides all this I know that her children and grandchildren will attest to all the wonderful teachings she has given them.

I tell you all this because of the sweet humble person she is.  Recently she told me that she worries a lot about being a good teacher but she had recently read her Patriarchal Blessing again and it told her that she was a good teacher.  She said, “I never realized that was one of my special gifts from Heavenly Father.”  All I could say was, “Really?   Are you kidding me?”

So, on your 65th birthday Cathy, I don’t have a big party planned with all our friends and family coming to see you.  I just have my love, admiration and appreciation for the 43 years we have been married and for being sealed to you for Eternity.
Love, Theron


  1. Such a wonderful tribute. You're a very special couple and I'm grateful to have worked with Cathy and to know both of you. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe, healthy and happy. June