Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Monday 14 September 2015
Today we were invited by Josephine Bernardo of the Binmaley Ward to visit the Mayor of Binmaley.  After the visit she asked us to go with her to the Binmaley North Elementary School where she teaches Grade II.  We had so much fun!

 Notice the Class Sizes, Can you imagine having 50 students in one class room with one teacher.  I commend these dedicated teachers who love these beautiful children and have so much enthusiasm and the biggest smiles you can imagine.

Sister Anderson absolutely feel in love with this little girl in her cute little jumper for her uniform.  She asked me to take a picture but before I could there was a large group of children in the picture.   I did get a second change to get one of just her.

One of the little boys was making the sign we use in American Sign Language for I Love You.  Sister Anderson asked him what it meant and he said he thought it meant power and another boys said it meant peace.  We explained that is how to say I love you in American Sign Language.  After that every where we went they were making the sign.

 They work hard to make the school appealing to the students and to visitors.  They teach mostly in English although their native language is Tagalog.  When we asked them to recite their ABC's they promptly did so and then we asked them to do the same in Tagalog and they did not want to, they seemed shy at that point where they had been anything but shy before.
 Lunch time certainly needs a good game of marbles.  We asked them if they played for keeps and they said not just for fun as they returned the marbles to each other after the game.

This school has classrooms surrounding this beautiful pavilion.  We were told that some time ago the LDS Church was remodeling their chapel and asked to use the school for Sunday services.  The humanitarian services of the church donated this pavilion in recognition of the generosity of Binmaley.
Sister Anderson is like the pied piper, everywhere she went she was mobbed by beautiful children who wanted to hear everything she has to tell them.  It was so fun to watch!

 These classrooms are small and crowded but you would be hard pressed to find more enthusiasm any where you might go.  The teachers are so dedicated to their students and obviously love their students and the career of teaching that they have chosen.  The children likewise are so happy and excited.
 Students here go to school from 8 o'clock in the morning until 4 o'clock  in the afternoon.  They get a 1 hour lunch break and some leave and go home for lunch, others are met by their parents and have lunch outside the school while others eat at the school.  We arrived during the lunch hour so everywhere we went there were children following and acting so excited to have visitors from American at their school.

 Sister Anderson loves teaching.   She loves children.   She loves school.  So you can imagine how much fun she was having.  I think she would have stayed all day if we did not have other places we needed to go.

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