Sunday, October 25, 2015

Prayer & Miracles

Missionaries pray a lot!  We pray when we get up in the morning.  We pray when we study.  We pray when we have breakfast, lunch or dinner.  We pray when we get in our car to drive.  (this prayer is really important in the Philippines)  We pray when we start a meeting, We pray when we end a meeting.  We have a prayer in our heart all day long as we consider the work we are doing and the people we are working with.  

I learned a long time ago to Pray like it is all up to our Father in Heaven, and then work like it is all up to me.  I am so blessed that my wife and I are each 100% committed to our missionary service.  We are each totally committed to our assignment in the Philippines and to the Self-Reliance program.  From the time we started talking about and preparing to serve we were in total harmony with each other on what we wanted to do.  This is such a blessing and allows us to be more effective in our work.

We experience miracles in our missionary work almost every day.  Many are simple and would be easy to pass over as simple coincidences.  I will tell you about an experience we had a couple of weeks ago.   We had an appointment at one of the most distant towns in our mission.  When you look it up on any map it says it is about 120km away and will take about 2 ½ hours to get there.  There are several things I have learned about driving since we got her 4 months ago.  

1 It always takes longer than the computer estimates.
2 The preferred route of the computer is seldom the best route.
3 If you leave 10 minutes late you will be 1 hour late.
4 If you leave 10 minutes early you will be early or on time.

We left 3 hours early and stopped along the way to see a man we are working with at this business.  We only stayed a few minutes but told him we would stop and spend some time on our way back.  We made it to the town of Mabini right on time for our appointment with the Mayor.  President and Sister Deyro got there at the same time.  

We have been praying that we would get another Mayor visit scheduled this week.  We are asking the members in different areas to make the appointments with their Mayor rather than trying to make a cold call on our own.  Miracles come when we pray and act on our faith.  President Deyro had a member come for an interview and found that he worked for the Mayor of Mabini and he was able to get an appointment for Friday morning.  We had a great visit with the Mayor and look forward to great relations with the city and the opportunity of sharing resources with each other.

After our appointment we visited some of the other towns in the area, had some lunch and headed back.  We stopped on the way back to visit with our friend that we have been working with.  While I was visiting with him at this auto parts business Sister Anderson was talking to the woman who owned the shop next door.  

We talked about the Book of Mormon and the Bible and prayer and then about tithing.   He said, I know that tithing works, I can prove that tithing works.  At that point I said, you know that one of these days you are going to have to be baptized so you can take your family to the temple to be sealed together for all of Eternity.  He said, “I know.”   Then I said, “with your permission, I am going to ask the young Elders to stop by and see you here at your shop several times a week, just to be your friend and answer any questions you have.  Is that ok?”  He said yes and started pointing behind me.  When I turned around there were two Elders standing there.  After visiting with him for a few minutes they walked to the shop next door and found that Sister Anderson had just had a similar conversation and had asked and received permission to have the Elders stop and visit with her too.  The Miracle of Heavenly Father putting these two Elders exactly where they needed to be at the exact time we needed them was wonderful.

I know that this is Gods work.  He is in control and watches his missionaries and all his children.  He inspires and directs His work.  He loves you and me and wants us all to be happy and successful.

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