Saturday, February 13, 2016

My Valentine

Catherine Elizabeth Baker Anderson

For more than 45 years you have been my Valentine.  You have been my sweetheart, the one that can make me smile no matter what else is going on the world around us.

For Forty Three Years you have been my Eternal Companion.  Forever is a long time and I am so thankful that you said YES and we will always be one.

When I told you I was going to post this beautiful picture of you on our blog, you said something that I don't exactly remember.  I don't recall you telling me that I could not, but I do recall you telling me that the picture was "Cheesy".  

I do not know exactly what that means.  I know that I love a good Cheesy Pizza.  Lasagna was Cottage Cheese, Ricotta Cheese, Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese always gets my attention.  And of course my favorite is a Cheese Enchilada from Rio Grande Cafe in Salt Lake City.  (I make pretty good ones too!)

With those and other cheesy favorites in mind, I see nothing resembling them in this picture of my beautiful wife.  So I decided to go to my favorite dictionary, sorry Becky, it is not  No my favorite is the same as the ones printed on paper and bound with a hard cover.  Merriam-Webster.  As their logo says, since 1828 (I only remember them since about 1957 or so).  In any case I sent to the dictionary to see if there was another definition that my mind may have overlooked or forgotten.

This is what I found.  First definition is definitely covered by my favorite foods but definitely not by this photograph of Cathy.

The next definition, same thing.

Third definition?  What is she thinking?

Poor Quality -- that definitely does not describe the girl I married.  Not does it describe the best Mom, the Mother of our four children.  I can only imagine how they might have turned out if they had only had me to rely on for training, teaching, and motivating them.

There are a number of reasons that children need to have two parents and one of them is to compensate for what the other one lacks.  In this Cathy is anything BUT Poor Quality.

Lacking in Style?  Have you seen any of the things my wife can make?  I will show you a few pictures of Jessica's Wedding Dress.  That should settle any questions about whether she has style or good taste.  There are lots of Blessing Dresses and outfits, Baptism Dresses and other fun things this talented and "Stylin'" woman has made.

And finally what can I say about good taste?

I am a very blessed man with a wonderful sweet wife and family to prove it.  I am so thankful for the opportunity that we have to serve together in the Philippines teaching Self-Reliance Principles.  These are principles that my Mom and Dad taught me, and that Cathy's Dad and Mom taught her.

I am thankful for our family that loves us and sustains us with letters, pictures and video calls.  We are two happy missionaries!

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