Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Starting and Growing my Business Group in Pozorrubio

In September we were invited to present a My Path Devotional to the Pozorrubio 1st Ward.  There were 17 who attended that meeting and 14 of them joined a Starting a Growing my Business Group.  The group began having weekly meetings in October.  Of the 14 who joined 11 of them graduated and all started or improved a business.  On February 4, 2015 we had a Graduation where they all received a Certificate from LDS Business College for Applied Self-Reliance Principles and Business Entrepreneurship.  It takes 12 weeks of hard work to accomplish this goal.

This past week we visited several of the businesses and interviewed some of the graduates.  

This Ward did several unique things which have added to their success.  Bishop Viernes sent reminder and follow up texts each week to every member of the group.  During their research to find good businesses they decided having an organic piggery was a very good option for them.  Because of limited funds they started one of the piggeries with 4 members contributing capital and labor to get it started.  They also found that feed companies were will to work with them and help train them for no cost.  They received the instructions need to build the pens and take care of them in such a way as to have almost no bad odors.  They arranged with the bishops brother to put the piggery on his land.  They are now ready to sell their third batch of pigs ready for market.  They have made customers of local restaurants, members of the church as well as friends and neighbors.  When they have an excess beyond what they can sell locally the feed company has agreed to purchase the excess.  Currently they have more orders than they are able to fill.  

Another member of the group, Sister Campos who is 72, has worked abroad for many years.  Her and her husband were scratching out a small living selling in the market before joining this SGMB group.  They have had a few pigs all along but never been very successful.  They have now expanded the size of their piggery to three times the size it was and another member of the group helps run it.  They are supplying the piglets for the other group members piggeries.  They have also started growing vegetables for their own use and to share with others in the ward.

We also visited sister Martinez, who started a new cooking business where she sells hot food along the highway where she lives.  She needed capital to build and start so borrowed 13,000 pesos from the bishop with no interest and quickly paid it back.  She now makes between 700 and 1000 pesos per day and is now self-reliant.   

Finally we visited Brother Tolentino who has started a welding business to supplement his other income.  He currently has many jobs lined up and is working hard to fulfill his customers’ requests.  He is using a borrowed electric welder and saving to purchase his own.

Another unique thing this group has done relates to the My Foundation principle of Managing your Money.  When they worked on the principle of savings they found that while they could save a little it was too easy to also spend it when they needed or wanted something.  So they decided to open a bank account in the name of the group.  They elected a President, Secretary and Treasurer of the group and they opened an account that requires the signature of all three to withdraw money.  In a few short months they have already saved over 15,000 pesos.  They keep a ledger and everyone signs it whenever they deposit or withdraw money into the account.  They are also able to make no interest loans to members of the group who might need some extra capital for their business.

They continue to meet every week even though they have graduated.  They discuss what has happened in the past week, share stories to motivate and take care of business items such as their savings account.  Bishop Viernes still sends text messages weekly to his group to check and motivate.

They have a second group of Starting and Growing my Business that has recently started and plan to continue more groups until the whole ward is self-reliant.



  1. This is so cool .... thanks for sharing the struggles and successes of those whom you serve. It has inspired me to think out side the box some. Thanks.

  2. That was the ward that i served in in pozorrubio. They certainly were trying there best in your class! Its great to see pictures of them!

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