Monday, June 13, 2016

Random Ramblings from Elder Anderson

Did you know that they did not always have P day (Preparation Day) for missionaries?  Can you imagine such a thing?  When my brother Wayne was on his mission in Africa they had Diversion day.  Then it was later changed to P Day.  I cannot remember for sure if I ever had Diversion day or if it was always P Day.  I seem to recall that it changed about the time I went to England.  The problem with Diversion day was that missionaries took a diversion from being missionaries.  P Day attempted to change the focus.  Many missionaries wear other clothing on P Day which is acceptable if necessary.  For example, playing basketball is not good dressed in white shirt, tie and slacks.  However playing ping pong in the church is just fine with a tie on.  So is a lot of sight seeing activities.  In England we always wore a suit but not on p day.   We were in jeans and casual shirts.  In the Philippines, I only wear shorts and tee shirt or golf shirt in my apartment.  

The other day President dropped in.  I was in the bedroom working on the computer and I had worldly music playing fairly loud (In the Hallow of Thy Hand) and I was singing along.  Cathy opened the door and told me President and Sister Deyro were here.  I quickly changed into white shirt, tie, slacks (no shoes or socks) and went out to greet them.  They didn’t say anything about my singing so either they didn’t hear or they had received the same training as thumper.  You know, in the movie Bambi, "if you can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all"

"If you can't say something nice, don't nothin' at all" - YouTube  

When I told Rachael about this she wrote back and said, "I imagine your worldly singing to be somewhat similar to the singing you loved to engage in while attending the deaf ward with grandma. That makes me giggle when I thinking that story. "  To not leave you in the dark will require me to explain this story.  My Mother lost her hearing when she was 7 years old.  From that time until she passed away in 2014 she never heard another sound.  After my Dad died in 1986 many people in the family would take my Mother to church at the Deaf Ward.  I always loved going with her.  I have never been known as a great singer but I like to sing (mostly when alone so I do not embarrass myself.  Well I figured I was safe in the Deaf Ward.  I knew a lot of people there and thought I knew who could hear and who could not.  One day i was singing loudly and I think adding a little English accent from my mission to spice it up.  When the meeting was over one of my Mom's friends, (I did not know she wore hearing aids) said to me, "I love to sit near you and listen to you sing.

In May we had a family history exhibit at the shopping mall in Calisiao.  It was put on by Family History and Public Relations.  It was an awesome exhibit and there were a ton of people there.   There were some public officials that came and of course many members of the church and non members who came in and looked and took the opportunity for a picture or two and to look up their family tree on the computers that were there.  

Our friends Elder and Sister Reyes have been released from SR and are now Family History missionaries so they MC’d a lot of it and were there the whole time.  They had seen our letter size pedigree FAN charts and asked us if we would have them printed large (3x4 ft) for them to display.  So we did one of Cathy’s side of the family and one for my side.  It was so much fun to stand by them and tell people stories of our ancestors.  It will be fun when we are home to have time to do some family history work.

Self-Reliance thought... This one speaks for itself.

Henry Ward Beecher once said, “It is not well for a man to pray cream and live skim milk.” (Proverbs From Plymouth Pulpit, ed. William Drysdale, New York: Appleton, 1887, p. 192.) That was a century ago. There is now before us a danger that many may pray skim milk and live that not at all.
“Hallowed Be Thy Name”
October 1977 Howard W Hunter

My son Allen recently shared that quote with me and I like it.  He challenged me to read or listen to every conference talk since I was born.  I have accepted the challenge and am almost through with the year I was born, 1951.  

It is very interesting to listen to the tone of each conference.  April 1951 was the first one after I was born.  WWII had ended a few years before.  Korean war had started a year before.  The cold war was just beginning and everyone was afraid of atonic and hydrogen bombs.  The youth were scared there was no future for them.  President George Albert Smith Died a few days before the conference and his funeral was held on Saturday and is recored as part of the conference.  We did not have the Mormon tabernacle choir broadcasts yet, CBS had started an all faith religion broadcast recently and this week Elder Richard L Evans was the speaker nationwide, to all faiths.  Conference included a Solemn Assembly on Monday.  They made note several times that this was an unusual conference being presided over by the quorum of the twelve, David O McKay being the President of that quorum and they talked about how the quorum holds all the keys when the prophet and president dies.  They talked about how many single and married women wanted to serve missions since so many boys were not able to go because of military service.  They were allowing women at that time to serve when 21 years of age but changed it in this conference back to 23 as it has been previous and asked that no women with dependent unmarried children be presented by stakes for missionary service.  They should stay home and take care of their children, even if grandma and grandpa were willing.  No greater, no more important calling that that of a mother.

One of the things I have learned on my mission that I have always been too intense.  I am trying to change but I am sure I have taught my bad traits to my children through my bad example.  I am hoping that what I have often said is also true… “no one is completely useless, they can at least be used as a bad example.”  I pray that my children, Rebecca, Rachael and Allen and Jessica can learn from me and be better than I.  I observe already that they are better parents than I but I have faith and hope in this...

Part of who I am striving to be comes from these two great Apostles

Better Today

It is my duty, it is yours, to be better today than I was yesterday, and for you to be better today than you were yesterday, and better tomorrow than you were today. Joseph Fielding Smith.

“If today you are a little bit better than you were yesterday, then that's enough. And, if tomorrow you are a little bit better than you were today, then that's enough.”― David A. Bednar


  1. I am grateful i made time to read this Elder and Sister.i love your humour ��happy to have met you during our baking class at Urdaneta Chapel remember? ��

    1. This sister sheryl duque from baguio just using my email celestialscents being a perfumer :)

    2. This sister sheryl duque from baguio just using my email celestialscents being a perfumer :)

  2. I am grateful i made time to read this Elder and Sister.i love your humour ��happy to have met you during our baking class at Urdaneta Chapel remember? ��