Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Stone Soup
Heat some water in a pot,
Add a stone you've scrubbed a lot.

Sprinkle pepper, salt and herbs,
Let it boil undisturbed.

Drop in carrots, onions too,
Let the soup heat through and through

Stir in milk to make it sweet,
Add potatoes for a treat.

Toss in ham bones, let it stew,
Let it bubble, let it brew

Taste the soup and when it's done,
Share "Stone Soup" with everyone!
Today we were invited to go with Elder Del Castillo and Elder Rivera to go to San Isidro.  There is a small group of members there, many are new converts and we have been teaching them principles from My Foundation, Principles, Skills, Habits.

This was our first time teaching with these two Missionaries.  Elder Del Castillo has only been in the Urdaneta mission for less than two weeks and it was exciting to see how well prepared he is and listen to him teach.

Today’s we covered lesson 7 Become One, Work Together.  Sister Anderson taught the lesson and used the example of Stone Soup to illustrate the point of working together for a common goal.

There are many variations to this story, she explained it the way she taught our children when they were little. 

I love listening to her teach!  I love watching her and seeing how sincere she is how then watching those she is speaking to as they understand what she is saying and I can see their love for her as she explains things so well.  What a blessing she is to my life and to my family and now to the people here in the Philippines.

Here is her version.  (I have embellished it a little)

It is getting close to dinner time for the family and the mother is so worried because her cupboards are bare.  She has nothing to feed her children.  As she ponders what to do, one of her children asks, “what is for dinner Momma?”  She replies, “Stone Soup”.  She gets her biggest pot, fills it with water and puts it on to boil.  She then takes a few smooth stones and scrubs them clean.  As she finishes one of her friends happens by and asks, “what are you making?”  She replies, “Stone Soup for dinner, would you like to join us?”  “oh yes, replied her friend”.  Momma then asks, “Do you have an onion or two that we could add to the soup?”.  Her friend hurried home and came back with some onions which they chopped and added to the boiling water.  

Soon another friend smelled the aroma of boiling onions and asked, “what are you making?”  “Stone Soup” she replied, would you like to join us for dinner?  “That would be nice, can I bring something?”   “Maybe you have a few carrots to add” said Momma.  Her friend went home and soon there were chopped carrots bobbing in the soup.

Another friend passing by asked what was going on, “are you having a party?” she asked.  “No just fixing dinner for my family and some friends, would you care to come?  We could surely stretch it if you had some potatoes or a ham bone to add to the broth”.   “Oh yes, I will be right back and she promptly added the bone and some potatoes.”  

Other neighbors came and brought beans, both fresh green and dried red beans.  Another added some fresh tomatoes and some herbs from her window garden.  Soon the house was filled with the aroma of a delicious meal and the sound of friends and family enjoying each others company.

This is just one simple example of how we can work together for the good of all.  There is no burden here for one but the sharing of time, talents and resources with each other.

President Thomas S Monson taught us, “When we work together cooperatively… we can accomplish anything.  When we do so, we eliminate the weakness of one person standing alone and substitute the strength of many serving together.”

We have a friend in La Union who drives a trike during the week.  He does not work on Sunday but uses his tricycle to help friends get to church.  He has learned that by service to others he is also blessed. 

President Dieter F Uchtdorf said, Often, the answer to our prayer does not come while we’re on our knees but while we are on our feet serving the Lord and serving those around us.  Selfless acts of service and consecration refine our spirits, remove the scales from our spiritual eyes, and open the windows of heaven.  By becoming answer to someone’s prayer, we often find the answer to our own.

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