Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It is not a new idea

The idea of self-reliance is not new. It is a principle that we were placed upon this earth to learn. Satan is trying to stop our eternal progress by telling us we do not need to work for what we get because it is owed to us.
Brigham Young
My experience has taught me, and it has become a principle with me, that it is never any benefit to give, out and out, to man or woman, money, food, clothing, or anything else, if they are able-bodied, and can work and earn what they need, when there is anything on the earth for them to do. This is my principle, and I try to act upon it. To pursue a contrary course would ruin any community in the world and make them idlers. People trained in this way have no interest in working; “but,” say they, “we can beg, or we can get this, that, or the other.”
--Brigham Young, February 3, 1867, JD 11:297.

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