Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Put your shoulder to the wheel

Theron and I have spent the last two days working with LDS Charities and University of Northern Philippines Outreach program.  We were able to see the assessment of almost 100 people in need of wheelchairs.  Better than that we were able to see that all but three were accepted to be wheelchair recipiants and even better than that we were able to help in issuing the first 25 chairs.

One that caught my attention this morning was Norlito Lopez.  He has lived in a wheelchair since he was in third grade.  His chair was old.  So old in fact that he had replaced the seat with a piece of scrap lumber.  Old enough to cause some serious slivers in his backside if not careful.  He had replaced the foot support straps with pieces of old chain.  How nice it was to see him get his new chair so that he can continue supporting his family. He worked 20 years at a furniture business until it closed down.  He now works repairing small electrical appliances and is teaching the skill to his sons while they are looking for more permanent work.

I love being a missionary here.  Our work gives so many opportunities to share the gospel in our actions, by giving service and sharing our testimonies.  We have been blessed in so many ways.  I pray that our children and grandchildren remember the words of Hayden when he said "We are a family that serves".

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  1. You cannot imagine all the huge smile we saw the past few days. I saw one elderly lady crying and went over to see if she was alright or if there was something I could do for her. She just smiled and touched her chest to indicate how her heart had been touched by the gift she was receiving.