Thursday, August 25, 2016


Happy Days!

There are so many memories, so many fun times we have had the past year serving our mission in the Philippines.  I have selected a few of my favorite pictures to commemorate Cathy's birthday.

August 26, 2015.  Rosales English Class.  There were an unusual number attending class this night.  I did not notice it at the time but they were acting a little strange and some left a few times randomly throughout the class.  Finally Sister Anderson was lured into another room for the surprise party with food and cake.  It was so much fun!

Everyone loves my wife so much and she is such an awesome teacher.  It doesn't matter if she is teaching Self-Reliance or any associated subject such as English, she teaches to understanding.  Sometimes I just look at her as she teaches and say to my self, "you are so beautiful, you are so talented, I am the most blessed man in the world".

We recently found this Livelihood project in Rosales.  They have Sewing, Cooking, Baking and Jewelry Making.  Vilma is a recently convert that has been looking for work and found the sewing and was hired on the spot.  We visited to see where she was working.  Cathy noticed a procedure they were doing that was seriously cutting into their pay by the piece profit.  She taught them a better procedure to use and made sure they could do it.  It only took her a few minutes to share this skill with them and is an example of how she is always looking for ways to serve and help improve lives.

She is so friendly and will strike up a conversation with everyone she meets.  She always makes people feel good about themselves and shares her testimony as she describes what we do with self-reliance here in the Philippines.

At home in Utah she would probably decline this walk through the country that included this and other bridges made of bamboo and only 4 inches wide.  Not here, anything goes!  Such a strong trooper.

Sister Anderson is a really good Grandma.  Not only to our 15 grand children at home in America but to all the missionaries here in the Philippines.  They always laugh and smile when they are with her.

More bridges to cross and never a complaint!

At home in Utah Cathy loves to have family and friends over for dinner and always makes any meal a special occasion.  This was our Christmas Dinner December 2015.  It was a little late because I did not listen to the promptings I received about propane so about 1 hour into the cooking of the turkey we ran out.  Christmas eve is not a good time for such problems.  Dinner was a little later than planned but came off perfectly after we borrowed the propane tank from the Sister Missionaries in the apartment below us.

Young Single Adults from Rosales showed up and sang carols to us.  Such a special time, so much fun.  We are so blessed.

I am not sure what my wife is doing with her arms around this guy in the red suit but everyone had fun at the ward Christmas Party.

My sweetheart thought this was such a cheesy picture to take in front of the mall but I love it!

What can I say, Everyone smiles when they are with my wife!

Forever the teacher!

I hope you enjoy these memories and especially that you know how much I love you!  I love being with you all day, every day.  I love doing everything with you.  I love how you teach, how you commit, how you serve.  I love how you focus on the "one" and how you make everyone around you feel so good.   Happy Birthday!  Love, Theron 

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  1. I love you sister Cathy, you always inspire me..every time we talk about anything...