Thursday, August 4, 2016

Wheelchair's Continued

John's Mother brought this happy boy to the wheelchair assessment in July.

John is 7 years old and was born with Polio and hydrocephalus.  In spite of these problems he is a very happy child.

Elder McClure enjoyed pushing him around the cultural hall while he was waiting for his turn.

The wheelchairs available do not have the support for upper body and especially the head which is needed by a child like John.  Unfortunately they did not have a solution for him

Someone suggested that a larger stroller might be the solution and someone agreed to donate the necessary funds for the purchase.  The Stake President said he would see that the appropriate purchase was made.

A larger stroller was found but was not long enough so the dealer made the necessary adjustments and customized it for John.  He is no happy in his new stroller and his Mother's load has been lightened by the charity and consecration of time, talents and funds.

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