Monday, September 5, 2016

Oh by the way, we have moved!

 From time to time I have heard of family situations changing while their missionary is servicing such that they are required to move and relocate the family.  When I was a 19 year old missionary serving in England I knew of some and felt sad for them.

My parents knew exactly what they wanted for a place to live and raise their family.  They rented apartments until they found the perfect piece of land and then they built a small modest home to which they continued to add onto and expand as their family grew.

They never had any intention of moving anywhere.  My Mother often said, that she was going to stay in her home until she died and they could take her out "feet first".

And so it was, for almost 70 years that was home.  When I serving in England I had no doubt about going home to the same home I had left.

You can almost see Wendell, then Karen and my Mom at my Niece Mary's Wedding Reception
Wendell and Karen

Rebecca in her home next door to ours

After my Mother died two years ago we received a mission call to the Philippines to serve in Self-Reliance.  That year was a major year of changes.  Mom passed away living a big hole in our hearts and many things changed.  My Sister Karen and her Husband Wendell moved to St George and sold their home in South Jordan just minutes from our home.

My daughter Rebecca and her Husband Lance found a home in the neighborhood of his brother and moved to Layton.  Their home was next door to our home and now we had a 40 mile drive to visit.  It was so fun having Riley and Brea right next door to come over and see us all the time.

We began adjusting to this change before we left but there was not sufficient time it to all sink in.  I am still expecting to go home and find them living next door, just like before.  I will get used to it but it may take a little time.

Lance, Riley, Brea & Rebecca Coming Home with a Christmas Tree

Isaac, Rachael, Davis (Jessica's Baby) & Matt
Matt and Rachael and their children, Christopher, Megan, Nathan and Isaac moved back to Utah from Columbus Ohio shortly before we received our mission call. 

I worried that if employment did not work out in Utah they might leave the state before we returned home.  Our prayers were answered with a new job that allows Matt to live in Utah and work from home and travel as needed to Connecticut.  I am so thankful for this blessing.

The Horstman family has just purchased a new home in Draper.  It will be fun to visit them in their new home and hear about all the changes in their lives when we return home.

My Family at the Airport when we left for the Philippines

So I thought we were done with all this until about a week ago when Tracy and Lynette called us and announced that Tracy has accepted a new job and they are moving to Nevada, about 8 hours away.

While the Moore family is not on my genealogy family chart, they could not be any closer to our family if we were brothers.

The good news is, I can drive 8 hours to see these forever friends and the memories of all the good times we have shared are always there for me to enjoy.

Life is full of changes.  All of them make us stronger.  When the Moore family moved into my neighborhood, I was blessed with friends who have always been there when I needed them.

This summer I learned that my sprinkler system was not working properly.  I called Tracy to ask if he had any contacts of someone who could repair them for me.  I was looking for someone to hire to do the work.  Tracy went to my home, figured out what the problem was and repaired it.  That is only one of countless times he and his family have been of service to me and my family.

Tracy and Lynette, I love you and I will miss you, especially your impromptu visits.  You always have a place to stay when you come to South Jordan.  Mi Casa Su Casa.

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