Friday, October 21, 2016

As I Prepare...

As I prepare to go home from the mission field in three days, I become very excited to see my family again. It helps me to understand our Father in Heaven's desire to be again with all of his children. It breaks my heart to see so many families here in the Philippines leave their families and go abroad looking for something they think is better than what they already have. What is it worth to set your family aside looking for things of the world. Heavenly Father promised you an eternal family if you work hard and follow his plan. The world has promised you nothing but asks you to take a chance that things might be better if you give up on your eternal promises. Don't sell your families eternity for your wants of today.

Ellen Villanueva I agree with you sister Anderson. And I think I can relate what you're saying. I've been away from family for 2yrs. last 2010-2012, It's been the hardest experienced in my life... to think like many others for the "FUTURE" of our children. But as days passed by when I was in Hong Kong, I realized that there's nothing most important in this world than to be with my family. working abroad it takes a lot of SACRIFICES. I asked advice from my branch president, and he said I have to go home with my family after I finished my contract. It takes a lot of prayer with that decision...I asked guidance from my Heavenly Father... till such time I decided to came home... my life after I went home not become easy, but one thing I am sure my Heavenly Father always keep His promise to bless His children as long as we Obey!!! I always apply the advice of my branch president in Hong Kong that when everything went wrong always follow your "Heart" and you will never go wrong. and it works!!! Some times we have to exercise our FAITH in order to see the true Miracles in life... Heavenly Father love His children. Only us sometimes have not enough Trust on Him... Life is good if we always put our trust to the Lord!!!

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