Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Typhoons in the Philippines

This week Typhoon Karen  came to visit the Philippines.  Early Sunday Morning around 2AM the rain became relentless.  The wind was blowing constantly through the night but not as hard as had been predicted.  By morning the area around our apartment had a lot of standing water but not sufficient to flood the apartments.

Power was out when we awoke and was off for most of the day.  This caused no hardship for us.  By the time it was dark outside the power resumed and has been fine since.

This Typhoon was pretty much a direct hit on where we live, however, we did not see much damage at all.  Monday we went to Dagupan and some other towns around and saw very little flooding.  The biggest problem we saw was rice which was ready for harvest that had been beaten to the ground.  That will cause some hardship for the farmers.

We visited the Member Welfare Project in Pozorrubio and there was no damage there.  The roof they had recently install to keep the pigs dry was all intact.

Last October we had Typhoon Lando visit us and the damage was a lot more severe.  Here are some pictures from Lando.

Our apartment upstairs and the Sister Missionaries downstairs.  They had 6 inches of water
Looking out the backdoor of our apartment

River over it's banks next to our apartment

Bridge over the river is underwater but stills aids in crossing the river

I have no pictures from Typhoon Karen as she was so kind to us.

There is another Typhoon headed towards us for later this week but it is tracking north of us and we are praying mild winds and rain.

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