Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Speed up the process of making medical masks!

Speed up the process of making medical masks!

Don’t make them one at a time! Do it as anassembly line. Fold all mask bodies first. Stack them with the fold on the leftside so you can grab the piece and slide the edge to be stitched under thesewing machine needle.

Stitch one at a time being sure to back stitch at the beginning and end of each mask. Stitch one after another without separating the chain of masks you are creating.

Because the fabric is stable you will not need to pin to sew a perfect seam.

You have probably taken about 1 hour to complete seaming 100 masks!

2 - Separate and turn all of your masks right side out to prepare for pleating.

3 - Fold at the seam matching the notches. Fold the third notch up to meet the first notch and stitch in place. Repeat with the second set of notches.

Without separating the masks add a new mask to the chain and repeat the process.

4 - Flip the whole stack of masks over and pleat the second side. The seamed edge should be the lead edge going into the machine. This time the pleats pull up underneath, matching the notches.

At the end of 3 to 4 hours all masks should be pleated and ready for straps. Not stopping to pin and snip threads saves as much time as the sewing takes. As well as it saves a lot of thread.

5 - Separate the masks to attach straps.

6 - Finger press the strap in half starting just above the notch, lengthwise the distance it will take to encase the pleats.

Set the pleated mask into the fold putting the notch about halfway from the top to the first pleat.

Sew only where the mask is, not the extensions for tying. Be sure to back stitch.

Add the tie to the other edge and the mask is finished.